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2019 Ousyra Serifiotiko White Wine Download PDF


Varietals: Serifiotiko 

Bottling Date: 17th February 2020

Production: 4200 Bottles

Wine of Origin: Cyclades


Technical Details at Bottling:

 Alcohol 12.9%  -  TA 3.05 g/l  -  PH 3.43  -  RS 3.05 g/l  -  SO2 83 mg/l


Vineyard Details:

35 to 80 Year old dry farmed ungrafted Serifiotiko vines. South west facing vineyards on terraces carved into the mountains, which are very close to the winery. Bush vines, to protect against the winds and very strong UV light that we receive on Syros, and to protect against expected future climate change. 


Date(s) Harvested: 

1st September 2019.


Winemaking: Grapes picked into 12-14 kilo crates, and chilled for 24 hours. Whole bunch pressed. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks over 21 days. Filtered then bottled. 



5 months in stainless steel. 


Tasting Notes: 


Ungrafted vines grown on Syros. 35- to 80-year-old bush vines, dry farmed on terraces carved into the mountains. Chilled for 24 hours, whole-bunch pressed. Fermented over 21 days in tank. pH 3.43, RS 3.05 g/l.

Pale lemon colour and an intense aroma of dusty, stony but clean-cut citrus. Lemon and grapefruit, as well as pear. Smells pithy. Tastes wonderfully smoky and bone dry even though there is a little touch of residual sugar – only just above the perception threshold. Sour citrus flavours have both clarity and complexity, remarkably so for an unoaked wine. Mouth-watering and slightly chewy. Real depth and interest. (Julia Harding MW)


2019 Ousyra Fokiano Rosé Wine Download PDF


Varietals: Fokiano

Bottling Date: 18th February 2020

Production: 7500 Bottles

Wine of Origin: PGI Cyclades


Technical Details at Bottling:

 Alcohol 13.8%  -  TA 3.54 g/l  -  PH 3.48  -  RS 3.54 g/l  -  SO2 88 mg/l


Vineyard Details:

Two vineyards on the island of Naxos, one at sea level and one at 250 metres. Dry-farmed bush vines,

 to protect against the winds and summer heat.  


Date(s) Harvested: 

10th August 2019 and 17th August 2019. 



Picked weeks before our white wine’s grapes are fully matured. 12-14 kilo picking bins to avoid crushing of the fruit. Chilled immediately and transported to the island by boat and up to the winery. Whole-bunch pressed for up to 5 hours.Fermentation takes place for about 3 weeks at cool temperatures. We cold stabilize, filter then bottle. Minimum intervention. 


5 months in stainless steel. 


Tasting Notes:

From the Cyclades in the southern Aegean. This is the first wine I have ever encountered that gives the bloom to harvest dates (4 April to 10 August – an early harvest!) on the back label. Looks as though it were made by saignée.

Exceedingly fruity on the nose. I'm not sure it smells definitively Greek but the chewiness and juiciness on the palate is not something I've come across elsewhere. Massive fun. Should instantly transport you to a taverna with superlative tarama and dolmades. In fact, why aren't we having one of those tonight? Real undertow and character. Not a vapid rosé but one that should live on for quite a while. Love that light astringency and florid fruit. But it doesn't taste bone dry (low acid rather than residual sugar perhaps?) so be prepared. Long. (Jancis Robinson MW)


The producer is from the island of Syros but the vineyards are dry-farmed bush vines on Naxos, one at 80 m and one at 250 m. Chilled for 24 hours, whole-bunch pressed, Three-week ferment. TA 3.54 g/l, pH 3.48, RS 3.54 g/l.

Pretty pale pink, slightly darker than Provençal. Vibrant red fruits, sour cherry, Victoria plum, and some orangey-citrus and a touch of pepper and a smoky floral note. Powerful, full-bodied but super-fresh and impressive length, with a slight chewiness that adds to the depth. Just very slightly off dry but well balanced. Amazing power considering how early the grapes were picked, on 10 August, weeks before the white grapes, apparently. Mouth-watering freshness. Definitely a wine for the table. (Julia Harding MW)

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